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Involving Young People

Chicago Persian School strives to involve Iranian-American high school students and young adults with the school community through enriching activities and educational opportunities.  Participation is open to all interested Iranian-American high school and young adults.


A variety of volunteering options are also available such as teaching assistance in a Persian class, leading workshops for younger students, tutoring students who need extra help, and helping out with a school event.  To inquire about involvement opportunities, contact us at or call 847-868-0577.

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CPS Alumni Association
TA or Event Voluntering
Participation Form

Participation Form
For High School and College Students

Area(s) of interest for involvement:

Respond to the following, if you are applying for a volunteer involvement:

Volunteer involvement at Chicago Persian School requires a specific time commitment which is finalized between me and the school administrators, depending on the program that I am participating. My response here indicates my agreement such arrangement.
My participation as a volunteer involves frequent interactions with children. I understand that I am expected to maintain an exemplary behavior toward kids and adults, regardless if the participation is in-person or virtually, inside the school premises or elsewhere.
I will follow the guidance of the teacher or the supervisor of the program in which I am helping out, for the assigned tasks. I will be an active participant and take ownership of the job I am doing. If in doubt, I will ask the teacher/supervisor.
If I am unable to attend a session, I will inform the corresponding teacher or program supervisor (at least 24 hr in advance).
My participation is in the form of volunteering and does not result in a financial compensation.

Thanks for your Submission!

Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy

The State Seal of Biliteracy is a recognition given by the State of Illinois to high school seniors who have studied and can exhibit the ability to communicate in two or more languages (including English) by their senior year of high school. It is highlighted on high school diplomas and serves as a statement of accomplishment for college admission and for future employment.


Your proficiency in the Persian language may be recognized through the Seal of Biliteracy if you can meet the required score via an approved Persian language testing provider. We encourage you to visit this website and reach out to your high school administration for further guidance. To receive the Seal, graduating seniors must complete an online application and demonstrate proficiency in English and a World Language according to the criteria listed by the Illinois State Board of Education.


Chicago Persian School is not an approved testing provider however, the state of Illinois board of education has approved testing providers that can assess your Persian language proficiency level at a nominal cost.

Seal of Biliteracy
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