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Collaboration with Museums and Libraries

Chicago Persian School is interested and eager to collaborate with other not-for-profit organizations, such as libraries and museums. The goals of such collaborations can be cultural education, world languages, ethnic traditions, and art. For example, Chicago Persian School joined the Chicago Children's Museum "Passport to the World" program and offered age-appropriate activities and performances that introduced Iranian culture to museum visitors. This particular project was called Passport to Persia. Another successful collaboration was forged with the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, introducing the traditions around the Iranian New Year as part of their Family Activity weekend. Please reach out if you are interested because we have ideas and resources to collaborate on a variety of cultural and educational projects.

Collaboration with Researchers and Scholars

Chicago Persian School is open to working with scholars who are interested in research collaborations. Given the existing community engagement and the language education experience, our school is the ideal microcosm for linguistic, sociology, anthropology, ethnography, and educational research. For example, Chicago Persian School collaborated with Dr. Shirin Vossoughi, Associate Professor of Learning Sciences at Northwestern Univesity School of Education & Social Policy, to carry out collaborative projects focused on such themes as education in the Iranian diaspora, storytelling, racial identity, intergenerational learning, and parenting. 

Collaboration with Schools for Langauge/Culture Modules

Chicago Persian School is interested in working with local public and private schools to offer Persian Language and Culture Learning module. Such modules can be tailored to the target students' age group as well as the program scope and duration. For example, Chicago Persian School offered a 2-week Persian Language and Culture module for Roycemore School's 6th grade “Intro to the World Language” course. Given our experience with diverse learners, we are well-equipped and interested in collaborating with local public and private schools.

Collaboration with Artists, Filmmakers, and Storytellers

Chicago Persian School invites artists, filmmakers, and storytellers to consider the wealth of community and cultural resources available through an organization like ours. We are interested in collaborating in meaningful projects that can capture the rich and profound stories within the Iranian-American community, multi-cultural/multi-lingual families, and immigrant children. If you are an innovative artist, filmmaker, or storyteller, we invite you to connect with our school's diverse community and discover the treasure chest of ideas for your next project. 

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