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Persian for Young Child 

Persian for Young Child


Joojeh (Age 3 to 4)

In-person Group Class-Only

Sundays 10:45 AM to 12:00 PM

September to May

Tuition Options:

Pre-paid: $350 for 10 one-hour sessions

Pay as you go: $40 per one-hour session 

While immersed in the Persian language, your child will enjoy:

  • Listening to Persian children's stories,

  • Moving to and learning Persian children's songs,

  • Engaging in age-appropriate games and hands-on activities with their peers,

The right balance of play, music, and physical activities nurtures your child's social development and cognitive advancement.  Puppets, blocks, balls, puzzles, and musical instruments are among the learning tools used in this class on a regular basis.

*Please fill out one form for each applicant
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