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Participation Form
For High School and College Students

Area(s) of interest for involvement:

Respond to the following, if you are applying for a volunteer involvement:

Volunteer involvement at Chicago Persian School requires a specific time commitment which is finalized between me and the school administrators, depending on the program that I am participating. My response here indicates my agreement such arrangement.
My participation as a volunteer involves frequent interactions with children. I understand that I am expected to maintain an exemplary behavior toward kids and adults, regardless if the participation is in-person or virtually, inside the school premises or elsewhere.
I will follow the guidance of the teacher or the supervisor of the program in which I am helping out, for the assigned tasks. I will be an active participant and take ownership of the job I am doing. If in doubt, I will ask the teacher/supervisor.
If I am unable to attend a session, I will inform the corresponding teacher or program supervisor (at least 24 hr in advance).
My participation is in the form of volunteering and does not result in a financial compensation.

Thanks for your Submission!

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