Persian Immersion Classes

Persian Immersion Classes (age 7 to 13)

*Registraion is now open for the 2021-2022 academic year in-person and online classes

Starting at Beginner 1, students are introduced to Persian alphabet and learn how to read and write while immersed in Persian conversations relevant to their age and topics of interests. Students comprehension and language skills improve significantly as they progress through seven levels, through Advance 3 (see below).

Interactive Language Education Like No Other

Innovative Curriculum

Covering the full spectrum of language acquisition acquisition skills, from reading and writing to listening and speaking.

Interactive Activities

A wide selection of educational games and group activities make the learning fun and effective in each and every class. 

Hands-on Projects

Cultural education through fun projects and hands-on activities. Students are introduced to Iranian traditional holidays and festivals.

Engaged Learning

Projects, drills, and multi-media presentations are among tools our teachers use to reinforce new concepts and vocabulary.