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Tailored Classes for Agile Minds

Engagement Opportunities for High School and College Students 

*Both online and in-person opportunities available


Chicago Persian School strives to involve the Iranian-American teens and young adults with the school community through meaningful and engaging activities.  Participation is open to all interested Iranian-Americans high school or college student. To inquire about the classes or any of our involvement opportunities, contact us at info@chicagopersianschool.org or call 847-868-0577.

Take a Persian Language Class 
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Tailoring to your learning style, we will match you with a Persian class that would fits your area of interest (reading, writing, or speaking). Mastery in a second langauge can boost your chances in life, from college admission to job placement.

Join the CPS Alumni Association

Open to all Chicago Persian School past students who are at least 14-yrs old, we encourages connection through CPS alumni association networking events, engaging workshops, field trips, and discussions with authors/artists.

Become a TA for Persian Classes

Give back while staying connected to the Chicago Persian School community by voluntering your time as a TA for various classes. You will gain valuable work experience while fulfilling community service requiremnets of your high school.

Participate in- or Design a Research

Contribute to the educational resreaches that we conduct in collaboration with academic scholars, by sharing your bi-cultural experience; or design/lead your own research, using our school resources for surveys or observation.

Get Involved in a CPS Eevent
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As a Chicago Persian School alumni you are invited to play an active role  in the School events, whether as the master of ceremoney, a performer, a coordinator, or a back-stage crew member. Let us know if you like to share your talents and skills.

Join Field Trips and Annual Events

From field trips to the Annual Iranian Film Festival and discussions with featured artists/authors/activists, to the Persian New Years parties, you have many options to enagage in activities that interests you.