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Student Activities

Student Activities

There is much more to the Chicago Persian School than learning the Persian language. What truly enriches the student experience goes beyond their classroom. Through age-appropriate fun activities, we engage students with various aspects of Iranian culture and strengthen their sense of connection to the school community. Through formal and informal cross-grade interactions, workshops, and after-school enrichment classes, students explore learn more and forge bonds with each other that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Reading Buddy Program

Program Goals: Reading fluency, peer mentorship, and role-modeling;

Format: Older students read Persian storybooks to younger students;

Setup: Once, mid-academic year, during the class time, with a 4-week prep time for the story readers;


Description: Teachers help older students with more advanced Persian language skills to choose simple Persian storybooks and prepare themselves to read the stories fluently for their younger "reading buddy". This program provides a valuable space for cross-level peer engagement when older students visit younger classrooms and inspire beginner students with their reading proficiency. 

Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago Museum Field Trip

Program Goals: Familiarizing students with Iran's ancient history;

Format: A guided museum visit is arranged for the current or past students ages 11 and older and their families; 

Setup: Once a year, on a school day at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago Museum


Description: A guided museum visit to the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago Museum for the current students, ages 11 and older, to learn about Iran's ancient history, the Persian empire, the neighboring dynasties, and the special Persepolise exhibition.

Talent Show

Program Goals: Showcasing students performing art talents and community engagement;

Format: Current or past students and their family members bring to stage an ensemble of Persian performing talents;  

Setup: Once a year, on a non-school day, at a performing art venue;


Description: Current or past students and their family members audition to showcase their talents during a 3-7 minute performance on stage. The talent must be captured in the Persian language or art, e.g., Iranian musical pieces, choreographed dances, songs, skits, and recitations in the Persian language.

Backgammon Workshop

Program Goals: Learning Backgammon as an Iranian folk game;

Format: Parent volunteers teach Backgammon to students who sign up;

Setup: Once a year, after Persian classes, at the school;


Description: This free workshop is advertised to current and past students ages 10 to 17 so they can sign up and learn the rules of the game from volunteer instructors. Students are paired so they can learn Backgammon rules and tricks as they play the game. 

Iranian Folk Games Workshop