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Parenting Tips and Support

Health Topics: from Babies to Young Adults

By: the American Academy of Pediatrics

Emotional Health Family Resource Center

By: Child Mind Institute

Resources for Raising Caring Kids

By: Harvard University

Parenting Adolescents

By: UCLA Center for the Developing Adolescent

Kids Socio-Emotional Wellbeing

Children and Mental Health: Is This Just a Stage?

By: National Institute of Mental Health

Help Your Child Deal with Social Exclusion

By: Greater Good Magazine

Confidence and Self-esteem

By: Child Mind Institute

What Every Child Needs For Good Mental Health

By: Mental Health America

Digital Technology and Social Media

Social Media & Your Child’s Mental Health: What the Research Says

By: American Academy of Pediatrics

Up to Date Advice on Social Media Trends and Safety

By: Smart Social

Social Media Red Flags Parents Should Know About

By: Common Sense Media

Parents Guide to All Popular Apps among Kids and Teens

By: Connect Safely

Racial and Cultural Identity

Tips for Raising Biracial Kids

By: Families Embracing Diversity

Teaching Children Cultural and Racial Pride

By: American Academy of Peditrics

Talking About Differences with Young Children

By: Embrace Race

Celebrating Every Child’s Race, Ethnicity, and Culture!

By: Sesame Workshop

Bilingual Parenting

Raising Bilingual Children

By: Linguistic Society of America (LSA)

Becoming Bilingual

By: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

How to  Empower Your Children to Speak Your Heritage Language

By: Yalda Modabber

The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain

TED Talk By: Mia Nacamulli

Praising and Encouragement 

The Power of Believing That You Can Improve

TED Talk By: Carol Dweck

The Ultimate Guide to Praising Your Kids

By: Big Life Journal

How to Instill a 'Growth Mindset' in Kids

By: US News

How To Praise and Encourage Kids

By: The Swaddle

Boundaries and Self-Advocacy

Mult Cultural
Parenting tips

Teaching Kids About Boundaries

By: Child Mind Institute

Arm Your Child Against Bullying

By: Child Mind Institute

Helping Teen with Consent and Boundary

By: Kid Power International

Bullying: Signs and Support for Adolescents 

By: National Center for Health Search


Preparing for College

Complete Guide for College Admission Process

By: Khan Academy 

Does Volunteering Matter for College Admissions?

By: University of South Florida

Why Community Service Is So Important for College Admissions

By: Niche

Too Much Pressure on Your Child for the College Admission Process?

By: Harvard Graduate School of Education

Recommended Books


Good Inside

By: Becky Kenndy

Growing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness

By: Carol McCloud

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

By: Carol Dweck

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

By: Adele Faber  and Elaine Mazlish 

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life

By: Marshall Rosenberg  

The Limits of Whiteness: ​Iranian Americans and the Everyday Politics of Race

By: Neda Maghbouleh 

Raising Good Humans

By: Hunter Clarke-Fields MSAE

Simplicity Parenting

By: Kim John Payne 


Recommended Podcasts

Good Inside

By: Dr. Becky

The Science of Happiness

By: Greater Good Magazine

My Bilingual Family

By: My Bilingual Family

Hellitalk (Persian) 

By: Hellitalk


Recommended Videos

How to Raise Successful Kids Without Over-Parenting

TED Talk by: Julie Lythcott-Haims

How to Parent a Teen from a Teen’s Perspective

TED Talk By: Lucy Androski

Family Action Network Video Collection

By: Family Action Network

Greater Good Video Collection

By: Greater Good Magazine

 Smart Social Channel

By: Smart Social Channel

Standing Up for Yourself & Others

By: PBS Kids

Differences and Similarities

By: PBS Kids

Race, Racism & Identity

By: PBS Kids


Persian Language Learning

Persian Language Learning

By: Persian Language Online

Persian Language Learning

By: Texas Liberal Arts

Persian Language Learning