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Treasuring a Language

Celebrating a Culture

As a leader in modern Persian language education since 2007, Chicago Persian School continues to offer educational excellence through innovative language curriculum and rich cultural engagement, online and in-person, to children and adults of any race, gender, religion, or ethnic origin. Chicago Persian School has no affiliation with any political or religious group.

Students served over the past 15 years

different Persian language levels offered for children and adults

art & culture enrichment programs for kids and adults 

collaborative projects with local non-profit organizations 

annual Iranian cultural events, open to public

Our Signature Programs


For Age 2 to 6

Inroduction to Persian 

Offering a full language immersion learning experience for children as they listen to stories, move to music, sing-along, and engage in age-appropriate games along with peers.

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See What Our Graduates Say About US


Mohammad Aminilari

The Chicago Persian School was a key part of my childhood. It gave me a way to connect with my Iranian culture and allowed me to learn how to read and write Persian. I enjoyed our contemporary conversations such as what it is like to be a first-generation Iranian that was born in the US. I'm proud to be a graduate of CPS and am forever grateful for it allowing me to connect with my roots. 


Ava Rasty

Learning Persian at the Chicago Persian School has not only taught me about my heritage, but also brought me closer to the Persian culture and Iranian community. As a Teaching Assistant, I continued learning while sharing this learning experience with younger students, demonstrating the value that the Persian language withholds. 


Neema Darabi

I truly believe that the passionate teachers and the curriculum involving diverse activities inside and outside the classroom made the Chicago Persian School a great way for me and my friends/family to gather in a community to learn about the Persian language and culture. I am grateful for the genuine connections I built at school, both with peers and mentors.

Heeva Headshot.JPG

Heeva Manzouri

To say that CPS has "impacted me" is the understatement of the century. I met my chosen family, learned about my origins, and acquired the skill of speaking, writing, and reading Farsi! I couldn't be more grateful for the past 13 years I've attended CPS as a student, TA, and member of the Persian community.


Azora Jalili

Chicago Persian school was not just a place to learn reading and writing, but also to learn about poetry, dance, music, and films through different workshops. Most importantly, I appreciate Chicago Persian School for giving us a place to feel part of a community with other Iranian-Americans, something that we all really needed. 

Tara Headshot.JPG

Tara Faraji

As Iranian-Americans, we fight daily assimilation and erasure of our language, culture, and history. CPS educated me on these topics and also helped me realize and prioritize the value they hold in my life. Through my time as a student and TA at CPS, I gained invaluable connections, friends, and most importantly, gained confidence in my culture and identity.


Ava Naghshineh

Chicago Persian School has not only provided me a community to laugh and love with, but also a deeper connection with my own identity as an Iranian American. From workshops to classical poetry to fundraisers, there’s a place for anyone willing to learn and celebrate this beautiful culture.


Ariana Amini

The Chicago Persian School was so much more to me than just a place to learn how to read, write, and speak in Farsi. It was the first place that provided me with a sense of community and belonging. In a society that often seeks to erase our roots, CPS gave me the confidence to uphold and celebrate my identity. 

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