Donate to school


Your donation will help make Chicago Persian School a sustainable institution that will educate many generations of children and adults.  You can also choose to donate toward a specific goal such as a special project, scholarship, or operating costs.  Please help us improve our program and make it accessible to all people by supporting our school.  Donations are tax deductible under our 501(c)(3) status.


Parents Committee


Chicago Persian School Parent Committee (CPSPC) support the school by planing and leading variety of fundraising, community work, and fun activities that engages the students and their families. Membership is open to any current or past CPS parent. To nominate yourself or another parent, please send an email to:



Make a commitment to support a child’s enrollment at Chicago Persian School, and help a family experience a rich and fulfilling cultural and educational experience. Your generous gift will be turned into a scholarship to be awarded to one or more children based on demonstrated financial need.  For more information, please contact us.

Donate your time


An organization like the Chicago Persian School is directly dependent on community involvement. As such, we can always use your time and energy for various projects, involving academics, fundraising events, celebrations, cultural and extracurricular activities.  The projects you can choose to facilitate can range from small and short-term projects to more in depth and long-term projects.  You may choose what works best with your time and your special skills and talents.  Please email us for more information on available projects.