CPS Admission Open House

Join Chicago Persian School Open Houses and See us in Action!

When: April 30 or May 7, 11 am to 1 pm Where: 733 Lee St., Des Plaines, IL 60641

* use the parking lot behind the building and enter from the back entrance

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Our Goal and Mission

Chicago Persian school's mission is to offer quality Persian language and cultural education to everyone interested in the Chicago-land area. We welcome children and adults regardless of their religion, nationality, or ethnic background. Our goal is to preserve and cherish Persian language and culture while keeping it relevant and inclusive. Highly Qualified Faculty

Our teachers are extremely determined and qualified in teaching the Persian language, culture, and traditions. They have been trained to use multiple teaching approaches to create a pleasant learning environment that caters to each student's interests, abilities, and needs. They use variety of creative arts, games, roll playing, storytelling, and many more fun group activities to instill the love of learning in our students. Innovative Curriculum

Our classes offer an engaging and rich learning experience that lasts a life time. There is a well-balanced emphasis on the four main language acquisition skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Every learning opportunity is enhanced with interactive games, hands-on activities, and multi-media learning tools. Community and Culture

We are a diverse community with strong family and community partnership. We believe in the value of Iranian culture and we strive to share it with everyone. Our enrichment classes provide exposure to Iranian art and culture while holidays such as Nowruz or Yalda are celebrated annually.