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Expectation From Parents

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Homework Support:

Homework is determined and emailed to parents and students by each teacher, according to the needs of the individual student and class. Please take homework assignments very seriously as the weekly intervals of the school may easily lead to fading of the learned materials.  Please follow-up with the weekly assigned homework and don’t hesitate to contact the teacher if there is any concern with that.


Hall-Monitor Duty:

Parents are requested to sign up for “hall monitor” duty, minimum of two times per academic year to help ensure the safety of our students during the hours of school on Sundays.  Sign up is done online, through: www.signupgenius.com


Snack Volunteering:

Parents are requested to participate in the snack program by signing up once per academic year for bringing the snack for the entire school during the recess time.  Sign up is done online, through: www.signupgenius.com


Absence Report:

Absences must be communicated with the teacher via email, text, or phone call in advance. Parents and students are responsible for obtaining the missed lesson of the day and completing the corresponding homework.


Parent-Teacher Conferences:

Student’s academic progress is communicated with the parents through parent-teacher conferences in mid-January.  The second and final evaluation forms will be provided at the end of the academic year.

Getting Involved with School:

Parents are encouraged to get involved with school activities and programs in any way that fits their time and interest.  One of the best ways to get involved is through our CPS Parent Committee.  Please see our Support page for more details and do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or comments.


Open Communication

We believe that regular and continuous parent-school communication is the most effective means to improve the overall experience of the student in the school.  If you have any question, concern, or suggestion for the school administrators or the teachers, please do not hesitate to communicate that in person or via email.  Teachers, administrators, and board members are available to help.

Expectations from Students for In-Person Group Classes:

Ground Rules

  • Arrive on time

  • Respect your teacher

  • Respect your friends and classmates

  • Respect yourself and your work

  • Complete your homework

  • Stay at the school building for the entire school time


Absolutly Forbiden

  • Bullying or abusive language anywhere

  • Mobile electronic devices in the classrooms

  • Damage to school properties

  • Misplacing classroom items that do not belong to us

  • Running in the hallways

  • Aggressive or unsafe behavior

  • Food or drinks in the classrooms

  • Leaving school before the end of school