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Perfect Your Persian 1

Intro to Persian Alphabet, Reading, and Writing

A Beginner-level Workbook for Young Learners

Created by the Chicago Persian School

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آموزش زبان فارسی ۱

آشنایی با الفبا، خواندن و نوشتن مقدماتی


​کتاب‌ مقدماتی برای نوآموزان


​تهیه و تدوین توسط مدرسه فارسی شیکاگو

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Perfect Your Persian 1-Textbook
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What is different about this book?

The content is comprehensive while simple, the teaching approaches are unique, while easy-to-follow.

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Who Should Buy This Book?

Parents and teachers across the world, who want to teach Persian as a second language to young learners.

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Ages 6-12

Suitable for school-age Persian language heritage learners, with a basic comprehension level

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Word formation, sound recognition, pronunciation, sorting, and sentence-making

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Novel approaches for teaching Persian reading & writing, ideal for second-language learners

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Colorful illustrations, carefully designed Persian font, and professionally designed pages


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About this Textbook

This is a beginner-level Persian language reading and writing workbook suitable for school-age heritage learners who have a basic familiarity with spoken Persian. While introducing Persian letters and sounds, this book offers a unique approach for formulating letters into words and writing. The easy-to-navigate lessons are masterfully designed to provide a plethora of exercises for sound recognition, word pronunciation, and sentence-making.  This book is an excellent educational resource for Persian language teachers or parents who are looking for an interactive reading and writing workbook for young learners. The colorful illustrations and carefully designed Persian font, in conjunction with the innovative teaching methodology used in the book, promise to engage students as they develop their reading and writing skills. The Perfect Your Persian series by the Chicago Persian School includes a comprehensive elementary through advanced curriculum and this is the first book in the series. 

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Author: Chicago Persian School
Cover design: Payman Shay
ISBN: 978-0-578-34097-5
Publisher: Chicago Persian School


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